Take advantage of our wide ranging services covering land, air and sea modes of transportation. Our founder began in Dayton, Ohio as a packer (notably for Orville Wright) in 1948. From this humble beginning Yowell emerged into expertise in transportation, having provided cargo moves by truck, rail and aircraft in the US and worldwide over many years to the present. The company's modern ground fleet of trucks serves the aerospace, defense and high tech sectors in the continental U.S. From the Smithsonian's V-2 engine, the Apollo Spacecraft, Delta/Atlas rockets and satellites. You name it Yowell has moved it safely, economically and on time. Some of our traffic has a prior movement in space, including life science, space station and orbital payloads. For example, we moved the Lunar Prospector to the Cape Canaveral Launch Pad. From there it was launched to the moon and discovered water on the polar caps.
Yowell International also has a substantial capability in ocean-going trade for US or foreign flag traffic whether break bulk, containerized or roll-on/roll-off. Yowell was selected by the DOD to move a C-17 at 35' tall from California to Virginia at $1,000,000 lower than the next bid in line on the abstract of bids.
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